Fort Hill Schools, Lisburn

The Fort Hill Schools proposal is for the erection of a new post-primary school, primary school and nursery along with associated playing fields, car parking areas and other ancillary works on the site of the existing schools.


Education Authority




Belfast Road, Lisburn



Fort Hill Schools Site Layout
Fort Hill Schools Site Layout

Our Involvement

The project will accommodate a new 850 pupil post-primary school to co-exist alongside the existing 7-class base primary school - with an approved enrolment number of 175-210 - and a new 26-pupil nursery.

The proposed development will bring modern, state-of-the-art facilities to the Fort Hill Schools, which have co-habited successfully on this same site since the Primary School moved on to the grounds in 1965. Both schools are independent but co-operate in the management and use of the shared facilities.

Gravis Planning worked alongside Isherwood & Ellis LLP Architects during the pre-application process, managing the community consultation as well as providing planning advice. Throughout the community consultation period we managed the engagement with local residents and elected representatives to provide details on the proposals and information on how to provide feedback on the proposals. Following the consultation period, we produced a detailed Pre-Application Community Consultation (PACC) Report to be submitted along with the planning application in 2023.

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