Montalto Estate, Ballynahinch

The proposal is for the conversion, extension, alteration and change of use of a vacant agricultural building on Montalto Estate to a wedding and function venue.


Montalto Estate







Montalto Estate 1
Montalto Estate 1

Our Involvement

This project was a key part of the Estate’s strategy designed to bring tourism to the Estate following a prolonged period of private use.

Issues Encountered

  • Building identified for conversion and reuse was a Listed Building of significant architectural and historic interest
  • Montalto Estate protected through a Historic Park Garden and Demesne designation
  • Proposed commercial tourism use in a countryside location
  • Significant extension to Listed Building required
  • New access and laneway were required to serve the new development

Gravis Planning acted as lead agent in a multi-disciplinary team and provided advice and the necessary supporting information to justify the grant of planning permission for the change of use and significant extension of a listed building for commercial tourism use.

A completely new access and section of laneway was also required to service the new intensified use and we led discussions with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency to secure the creation of a new laneway within what was classed as a precious and protected planned landscape.

Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent was successfully attained.

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