Oriel Offshore Windfarm

Oriel is a 375 MW offshore wind power project being jointly developed by ESB and Parkwind, with a proposed site to the East of Dundalk Bay.


Parkwind and ESB




Co. Louth



Offshore Image
Offshore Image

Our Involvement

The project represents a significant investment in renewable energy infrastructure, a step towards Ireland's offshore wind targets and brings economic benefits for the local area.

Parkwind are a globally recognised and respected wind farm financier, developer and operator. ESB are an Irish state-owned company and the largest supplier of renewable electricity on the island of Ireland.

Issues Encountered

  • Cross-border impact
  • Liaising with the local fishing community
  • Transboundary Environmental Statement
  • Public consultation
  • Consulting with elected representatives

Our Role

Gravis provided strategic communications support on this project, working with the client to identify key stakeholders, such as local elected representatives and the local fishing community, and shape messaging to explain the rationale for the project and associated benefits.

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