Quarry Heights Social Housing, Newtownards

This proposal is for full planning permission for a 23-unit social housing scheme comprising 6 2-bedroom semi-detached units, 4 2-bedroom townhouses, 2 1-bedroom apartments and 11 2-bedroom apartments (including 3 wheelchair accessible apartments).


AKM Developments




Quarry Heights, Newtownards



Quarry Heights 1 1
Quarry Heights 1 1

Our Involvement

The proposal also includes associated access, parking and landscaping.

The site originally was a redundant quarry and concrete batching plant that will be demolished to make way for the proposed development.

The application was submitted on behalf of applicant AKM Developments, a renowned social housing developer.

Issues Encountered

  • Roads and Access
  • Contamination
  • Third party representations

Gravis Planning submitted the planning application to Ards and North Down Borough Council and provided strategic planning advice as it made its way through the planning system.

Planning approval was obtained by the Council’s Planning Committee in May 2022.

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