Strategic Riverside Masterplan for River Foyle, Derry-Londonderry

The purpose of this project was to prepare and provide a masterplan and planning guidance which set out a framework for a period of 10-15 years to help realise the potential of the River Foyle corridor as a sustainable resource for all, as well as to provide ideas, identify projects and set standards that would help regenerate Derry-Londonderry and create employment.


Derry City Council


Mixed Use & Masterplanning





Our Involvement

The preparation of the Strategic Riverside Masterplan involved a methodical, step-by-step process of analysis and consultation to identify and gain an understanding of the underlying issues which contribute to the use, exploitation, and importantly, perception of the River Foyle as it was at the time.

The identified issues emerging from these initial investigations were translated into the masterplan vision and set of strategic objectives to guide the overall River Strategy and Urban Waterfront Framework. The UWF focuses on urban waterfront areas between the Craigavon and Foyle Bridges and was used to create Supplementary Planning Guidance for this area.

The masterplan, and in particular the UWF, was intended as a tool to provide policy makers, developers and other stakeholders associated with the River Foyle in this location with an overall waterfront vision for the city which sets forth a series of project recommendations, sets urban design standards and provides indicative development concepts for key waterfront sites.

Gravis Planning were the project leader of a multi-disciplinary team involved in the preparation of this document.

We were also project leader for the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) prepared alongside the masterplan.

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