Gravis providing ongoing planning advice for Scottish-based CO₂ Recovery Units

15 March 2023

Gravis Planning is pleased to have been appointed to carry out planning support for CO₂ recovery units in Scotland. To date, Gravis have provided support for a CO₂ Recovery Unit in Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire and one in Glenrothes, Fife.

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CO₂ recovery units are directly connected to existing AD Plants and thus require planning permission. For the biogas produced by AD plants to be of sufficient quality for the national grid, CO₂ needs to be removed from the biogas mixture. CO₂ Recovery units capture and purify this by-product of the biogas upgrade process so that it can exported off site to be used in the food and beverage industries as a recovered product.

Gravis Planning services includes general strategic advice and the compilations and management of planning applications, whilst ensuring the CO₂ recovery unit meets the operational conditional imposed on the operation of the AD plant.

We look forward to carrying out further support to our Energy and Waste recovery clients in Scotland.

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